tennis court maintenance

127 products
    127 products
    Langlebiger Linienkehrbesen mit beweglichen Kunststoff-Gelenk und PVC-Borsten ohne Stiel
    Langlebiger Linienkehrbesen mit beweglichen Kunststoff-Gelenk und PVC-Borsten mit Alu-Stiel
    Line broom FIX with plastic body and PVC bristles
    from €21,50
    Wooden handle with cone
    from €4,65
    Green growth remover BRESTOLA GREEN STOP PRO
    Replacement pull cord for trawls and pull-off mats
    Replacement trawl fabric, heavy duty
    Triangular hinge wood, width 70 cm
    from €18,90
    Replacement brush for STANDARD and KOMBI scraper brushes with PVC bristles
    part circle sprinkler
    Trawl net with aluminum beams, net depth 115 or 150 cm, one or two layers
    from €151,00
    Replacement trawl timbers
    trawl plane
    Holding eye for trawl net WOOD with wooden beam
    Handle for line broom FIX
    from €10,50
    Replacement saw blade for shavers
    Line broom with moveable handle mount
    from €33,90
    Extra heavy trawl with wooden beams, net depth 150 cm, one or two layers
    from €140,00
    Replacement seal for fan nozzle head
    Sweeper SWITZERLAND with PVC bristles
    Pointed line broom with moveable handle mount
    from €34,90
    Replacement brush for line brush
    trawl holder
    Coarse tooth scraper, width 80 cm
    Surface plane, width 200 cm
    Replacement brush for scraper SWITZERLAND with PVC bristles
    Sprinkler tripod for part and full circle sprinklers
    Replacement trawl fabric, lightweight version
    Brick dust scraper, width 100 cm
    hose clamp 3-4"
    Squeegee STEEL WIRE with steel wire bristles
    Rubber seal for GEKA PLUS quick couplings, 3-4"
    PERROT pop-up sprinkler LVZA 22 - 2 WT 4.0 mm replacement insert
    Fan nozzle with or without shut-off
    from €110,00
    Replacement brush for pointed line brooms
    jet nozzle
    tennis court sponge
    GEKA PLUS quick coupling, 3-4" with hose nozzle
    rubber rake
    from €80,00
    Replacement cover with holder for PERROT pop-up sprinklers LVZA 22 - 2 WT 4.0 mm
    Extra heavy trawl with wooden beams, net depth 75 cm, one or two layers
    Wheelbarrow BRICKMEHLKULI

    Professional equipment for permanent tennis court maintenance

    Are you looking for high-quality equipment and machines for professional tennis court maintenance ? Whether line brooms, squeegee brooms, dragnets, sprinklers, wheelbarrows, shovels or suction sponges, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our LOB Shop. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you quality products at a good price-performance ratio, with which the regular maintenance of your tennis courts can be carried out quickly and easily.

    We have the right equipment ready for every need. A program that ensures the professional playability of your courts throughout the season. The wide range in our online shop also includes large motor-driven devices such as milling machines and sweepers as well as tennis court rollers from the ZAGRO brand.

    Things to know about tennis court maintenance

    As everywhere in life, the same applies to tennis courts: regular, solid maintenance and care maintains the quality of the facility and proper tools are essential. Professional sports field builders and experienced groundskeepers have been relying on maintenance equipment from LOB Sport for many years. Join us!

    Do you have questions about our tennis court maintenance?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]

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