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16 products
    16 products
    Triangular hinge wood, width 70 cm
    from €18,90
    Surface plane, width 200 cm
    Replacement saw blade for shavers
    Coarse tooth scraper, width 80 cm
    Brick dust scraper, width 100 cm
    Moss cutter, width 70 cm
    rubber rake
    from €80,40
    trigger slide
    from €91,30
    Grain scraper PROFI, width 80 cm
    Grain scraper, width 80 cm
    Sold Out
    trigger slide
    Sale price €99,00 Regular price €132,00 Save 25%
    Brick Dust Spreader
    from €92,00
    Aluminum rasp, width 70 cm
    Sold Out
    Moss cutter, width 70 cm. B-stock
    Sale price €149,00 Regular price €176,64 Save 16%
    Sold Out
    Brick dust distributor B-Ware
    from €85,00 Regular price €189,00 Save 55%
    Sold Out
    ScrapeFix scraper 135cm

    Robust pulling devices for special care use on the spot

    For the spring overhaul, the experienced groundskeeper or court builder needs special stripping equipment to prepare and care for the tennis court cover. In our wide range of products you will find the right tool for stripping, roughening, scraping, scraping, spreading, levelling, raking, pushing and planing.

    You can choose from our classic, the triangular hinge wood, the robust coarse-toothed scraper, the practical rubber rake and the wide brick dust spreader. With these professional devices, the spring overhaul will certainly be easy for you.

    Worth knowing about pullers

    A good-quality hinge, like our triangular hinge, consists of high-quality beech wood. It is not too hard to avoid damage to the top coat and will not splinter. Due to the soft wood, the scraper has a good grinding effect. The optional saw teeth allow easy roughening of compacted ceiling parts or the removal of moss.

    Do you have any questions about our pullers?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]lob-sport.de.

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