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    13 products
    Scoreboard MATCH POINTER Premium Edition, size M
    Scoreboard MATCH POINTER
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    Separating and lubricating spray for MATCH POINTER scoreboards
    Scoreboard for tennis net
    Scoreboard SET COUNTER
    Sports scorer double digits
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    Sports scorer one digit
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    Replacement turntables for MATCH POINTER scoreboards
    from €56,00
    Werbetafel für Matchpointer
    Billboard for scoreboard MATCH POINTER
    from €39,00
    Stand for MATCH POINTER scoreboard
    from €65,00

    High-quality scoreboards in many designs

    A good game also includes a decent scoreboard. We have them in the LOB Shop in a wide variety of designs. The range includes small scoreboards for the net , special solutions for mounting directly on the umpire 's chair and classic boards with turntables .

    We are particularly proud of the scoreboards from the MATCH POINTER series. The MATCH POINTER is a classic among scoreboards and has already been used thousands of times on tennis courts in Europe. Thanks to its easy handling, good readability, high-quality materials and processing "Made in Germany" , the MATCH POINTER is the top-class scoreboard.

    Things to know about scoreboards

    Most scoreboards, like the MATCH POINTER, work with rotating disks in a scoreboard. Regular care is required to ensure easy operation over the long term. To do this, the scoreboard is cleaned with water and then a special separating and lubricating spray is sprayed between the panes.

    Other means such as oils or fats should not be used, as these resinify and make the scoreboard unusable.

    Do you have questions about our scoreboards?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]lob-sport.de.

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